Auto Glass Repair or Replacement

While your windshield is the most important glass in your vehicle, you should never neglect the other glasses as well- your rear glass, side glasses and roof glass are also as important to your driving safety. A crack in these glasses could compromise the pressure balance within and without your vehicle when you are driving at high speeds on the highway.

These glasses are not made of laminated toughened glass like the windshield- which means that they cannot be repaired in case of any damage. They are made of tempered glass, which will break into small rounded pebbles of glass when impacted. Even the smallest crack or chip will necessitate a total auto glass replacement. At Auto Glass Downtown Toronto, our expert technical team always uses only glass that is to OEM specifications- so that the fit and functionality of the replacement is true to the original.

Our team will first check to see the extent of the damage and will give you the most reasonable quote and estimated timeframe. Once you are agreeable, the auto glass replacement will be carried out in a professional manner using approved techniques and adhesives. We carry out a thorough inspection, and check to ensure that the other glasses are in good condition. After the work is done we will ensure that the doors and windows operate smoothly and all the functionality of the glass is intact.

Our technicians are so good at what they do, that we are confident enough to offer you a lifetime warranty on their workmanship! Now you can have a stress free installation with the Auto Glass Downtown Toronto team.

Do not postpone getting your vehicle back in ship shape condition- call us today and we will give you the most reasonable quote in town!